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    Travel Inspiration – Provence, France

         Having spent a year living in France, I managed to get around quite a few areas of the country, so I’m trying to figure out the best way to group posts about it – some places may end…

  • Four Days in New Orleans feature photo - LaBranche House in French Quarter

    Four Days in New Orleans | USA

    After a long train journey south from Memphis, following the Mississippi, I finally arrived at the mouth of the river to spend four days in New Orleans. This is a city I’d been really looking forward to on my cross-country…

  • A Weekend in Quebec City - feature photo - Chateau Frontenac

    Weekend in Quebec City | Canada

    Quebec is both a city and a province, and I did have to get my mum to clarify a dozen times in conversations which one she was referring to when saying just “Quebec”. From Montreal, we continued the French-Canadian leg…

  • Highlights of Montreal - blog post feature pgoto

    Highlights of Montreal | Canada

    After our adventures through the Canadian Rockies, culminating in the Calgary Stampede, it was time to head east. We hopped on a flight from Calgary to Montreal, the largest city in the French-speaking province of Quebec. We definitely noticed that…

  • Disneyland California feature image

    Disneyland California

    The original Disneyland in California turns 100 years old in 2023, so what perfect timing for my trip there! I’m spending 3 weeks in California, so there will be many more posts from the trip to come. On one of…

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    Havana, Part 2 | Cuba

         So first of all, check out part 1 of my Havana trip for my first impressions of the city if you haven’t yet. We spent four days there in total, at the end of our 3 week Mexico…

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    Puebla | Mexico

    The next couple nights of our Mexico trip were to be spent in the town of Puebla. Well, it’s technically a city since it has a cathedral and is way bigger than you think, but it’s small after Mexico City!…

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    A-Z of Europe

         It feels like it’s been a while since I did any sort of A-Z post, so I’m back at it this week! I did one of these for East & South East Asia, after living there for 2…