• A Week in Northland road trip - feature photo - Spirit Bay & tree at Cape Reinga

    A Week in Northland | New Zealand

    After several long weekend trips around New Zealand’s North Island, including Tauranga, Taupō and Taranaki, my next adventure took me further and for longer. Trying to escape the impending winter weather in Wellington, I headed as far north as I…

  • 3 Days in Taranaki - feature photo - Mount Taranaki volcano view from Pouakai Tarn hike with cloud across the centre

    3 Days in Taranaki | New Zealand

    It really feels like I took a lot of long weekend trips within my first couple of months in New Zealand! Just a few weeks after my Taupō trip, there was another public holiday at the end of April. It…

  • Long Weekend in Taupō - feature photo - Māori rock carvings on the shores of Lake Taupō, New Zealand

    Long Weekend in Taupō

    Easter Weekend rolled around early this year, just a few weeks after my birthday trip to Tauranga. I wasn’t expecting to be planning and taking so many trips not long after arriving in New Zealand! But I wanted to take…

  • Long Weekend in Tauranga feature cover photo - Hobbiton movie set tour, hobbit holes built in the hills of the Shire

    Long Weekend in Tauranga

    I turned thirty about a month after moving to New Zealand, which is a bit of a milestone birthday. It landed on a Monday too, so I requested a couple of days off work. There were a few options I…

  • Highlights of Wellington - feature photo - Wellington cable car, skyline and waterfront, New Zealand

    Highlights of Wellington

    It’s already been 3 months since I moved to Wellington and in that time I’ve explored quite a lot of the city! I’ve been trying to pace myself, so I don’t run out of things all year, but between taking…

  • Moving to New Zealand - feature photo - view of Wellington from the summit of Mount Victoria
    Life,  Travel

    I’m Moving to New Zealand

    New year, new country! Is anyone surprised at this point? Yes, after finishing up my working holiday in Canada, as well as previously living in Hong Kong and South Korea, I’m trying out living somewhere else again. This time I’m…

  • Hawaii short break - feature photo - palm tree silhouettes against a twilight ocean view just after sunset on Waikiki beach

    Hawaii Short Break

    I feel like I’ve seen images of Hawaii for as long as I can remember, thanks to the number of movies that feature it. Honestly, it wasn’t super high on my bucket list, as I associated it with over-tourism and…

  • A Year in Canada - feature photo - Maligne Lake & Spirit Island in Jasper National Park
    Life,  Travel

    A Year in Canada

    Well, technically 16 months in Canada. Except about 3.5 of them were spent in the USA. Anyways, back in mid-October 2022 I moved to Canada on an IEC working holiday visa. At the end of January 2024, I departed again…

  • Antarctica Expedition part 1 - feature photo - pair of Gentoo penguins in the snow with icy water next to them and snowy mountains in the background - Croft Bay on James Ross Island

    Antarctica Expedition Part 1 | Weddell Sea

    It’s still so crazy that I can say I’ve been to Antarctica! Yes, you are reading this correctly. Wild, right? It wasn’t even really on my bucket list because it’s not somewhere I ever thought I’d get the chance (and…