• Moving to New Zealand - feature photo - view of Wellington from the summit of Mount Victoria
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    I’m Moving to New Zealand

    New year, new country! Is anyone surprised at this point? Yes, after finishing up my working holiday in Canada, as well as previously living in Hong Kong and South Korea, I’m trying out living somewhere else again. This time I’m…

  • A Year in Canada - feature photo - Maligne Lake & Spirit Island in Jasper National Park
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    A Year in Canada

    Well, technically 16 months in Canada. Except about 3.5 of them were spent in the USA. Anyways, back in mid-October 2022 I moved to Canada on an IEC working holiday visa. At the end of January 2024, I departed again…

  • Arriving in Canada on a Working Holiday featured photo
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    Arriving in Canada on a Working Holiday

    So, I’ve moved to Canada, and I’m a little over a week in so far. Strangely, it feels like much longer than that somehow, even though I still feel incredibly new to the city. My first impression of Vancouver is…

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    I’m Moving to Canada

    Who remembers about seven years ago when I published this post about moving to Hong Kong after I finished university (that’s your cue to go and read it if you don’t remember)? Well, here we are again, except this time,…

  • Things to know about CELTA featured photo

    Things to Know About CELTA Courses

    Anyone in the world of ESL teaching has probably heard of the CELTA before. It’s one of the most-listed requirements for many employers when you’re seeking an English language teaching job. My teaching experience up until now was done based…

  • Quarantine diaries part 3 cover photo

    Quarantine Diaries | Part 3 | Hello 2021

    Happy New Year gang! Yeah I know, it’s February already. And this isn’t my first post of 2021, but seeing as the last one was a long-overdue post about something I did last year, I don’t fully count it. This…

  • Musings on autumn featured photo
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    Musings on Autumn

    The nights creep in a little faster, the wind is blowing a little harder, and a chill starts to sweep through the air.   The leaves are donning their finest colours, splashes of amber and crimson dancing overhead, their final…

  • Quarantine diaries part 2 featured photo

    Quarantine Diaries | Part 2 | Feeling Drained

    Hello again. Been a while, hasn’t it? Normally when I take an extended break from blogging, it’s because life has gotten busy. This couldn’t be further from the truth right now. I’m now up to 20 weeks of being furloughed…

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    How I Cope with Stress

    Not well, is the short answer to that title. But I’m going to try to explain how I cope with stress anyways! I’ve never been great with it, as I get tense and wound up fairly easily. I have a…