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    Utah’s National Parks | Arches & Bryce Canyon

    Utah's National Parks - Arches & Bryce Canyon - feature photo - Delicate Arch at sunset

    So, if you haven’t read Part 1 of my ‘Utah’s National Parks’ posts yet, featuring Zion and Monument Valley, I recommend doing so for the context of the small group tour I was on. It was a crazy week, though, crammed full of too many adventures to fit into one post. We’d already been wowed by valleys, mountains, mesas and buttes, but there were even more rocks to come. Our journey headed northeast to Moab for a couple of nights to explores Arches and Dead Horse State Park. Then it was through Capitol Reef and on to Bryce Canyon, before…

  • Utah's National Parks - feature photo - Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

    Utah’s National Parks | Zion & Monument Valley

    After a couple of months of solo travel, the next phase of my cross-country USA trip was actually group travel. I’d signed up to join a small group camping trip with Intrepid, covering Utah and Yosemite mainly. We started from…

  • Four Days in Las Vegas - feature photo - Paris Eiffel Tower and Bellagio fountains at night

    Four Days in Las Vegas | USA

    Surrounded by incredible natural desert landscapes, Las Vegas is somewhat of an anomaly. A unique city within the USA, the Las Vegas Strip lives in infamy. Full of huge casinos, even bigger hotels, dazzling lights and spectacular entertainment. Featured in…

  • 3 Days at the Grand Canyon - feature photo - view of the Grand Canyon from the South Rim Trail by day

    3 Days at the Grand Canyon | USA

    When planning my cross-country USA road trip, there was no way I wasn’t including the Grand Canyon. One of the most famous natural landmarks in America, even the world, a place I’ve seen photos of for as long as I…

  • Highlights of San Antonio feature photo - River Walk

    Highlights of San Antonio, TX | USA

    After my time in Houston and Austin, there was one more city on my Texas itinerary. Just an hour on the train from Austin, I headed to San Antonio, where the Mexican-influence on the Lone Star State was more apparent…

  • Weekend in Austin - feature photo - bat colony flying above boats and kayaks in the river at pink dusk with glass tower buildings in the background

    Weekend in Austin, TX | USA

    The State Capitol of Texas, Austin’s tagline of sorts is “Keep Austin Weird” – same as Portland, actually? I’m not sure how this weird reputation began, but my weekend in Austin was certainly eclectic. From history museums to urban bats…

  • Highlight of Houston, TX - featured photo - downtown skyscraper skyline from Buffalo Bayou Park

    Highlights of Houston, TX | USA

    After an early morning and a very long bus ride from New Orleans, I crossed into Texas for the next leg of my USA trip. Texas is so unfathomably huge to my British brain – it’s almost 3 times the…

  • Four Days in New Orleans feature photo - LaBranche House in French Quarter

    Four Days in New Orleans | USA

    After a long train journey south from Memphis, following the Mississippi, I finally arrived at the mouth of the river to spend four days in New Orleans. This is a city I’d been really looking forward to on my cross-country…

  • 2 Days in Memphis - feature photo - Beale Street

    2 Days in Memphis, TN | USA

    Continuing on my musical journey through the American South, I left the country and bluegrass refrains of Nashville behind and travelled west by bus to Memphis, home of soul, blues and rock & roll. I really did just have 2…

  • A Week in Nashville - feature photo - Broadway / Honky Tonk Highway

    A Week in Nashville | USA

    The next few stops of my USA trip were all about exploring the legacy of American music in cities that birthed or nurtured new genres. Although I don’t listen to that much country music (but I don’t mind it), there’s…

  • Weekend in Savannah feature photo - Forsyth Park fountain

    Weekend in Savannah, GA | USA

    In all my research of where I wanted to go on my USA trip, Charleston and Savannah seemed to go hand-in-hand. I struggled to choose just one to visit, but since they are only two hours apart by train, I…