• Weekend in Savannah feature photo - Forsyth Park fountain

    Weekend in Savannah, GA | USA

    In all my research of where I wanted to go on my USA trip, Charleston and Savannah seemed to go hand-in-hand. I struggled to choose just one to visit, but since they are only two hours apart by train, I…

  • Highlights of Charleston, SC - feature photo - colourful buildings, food trucks and palm trees in the sun on King Street

    Highlights of Charleston, SC | USA

    The next couple of weeks of my USA trip would be spent exploring the American South, including taking on its brutal summer humidity. There are a lot of iconic cities in this part of the country, with some deep history…

  • The Ballantyne Hotel, Charlotte - blog feature photo

    The Ballantyne Hotel, Charlotte | USA

    When I was younger, I played that game where you Google your own name and see what comes up. In my case, the answer was The Ballantyne Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina. Yes, a whole hotel that shares my name!…

  • 3 Day Trip to Philadelphia - feature photo - Independence Hall

    3 Day Trip to Philadelphia | USA

    Look, I’m going to be honest. The bulk of my knowledge about the American Revolution comes from Hamilton. Although, I definitely learned a bit more in Boston since a lot of the revolution took place there! But Philadelphia is famous…

  • A Week in New York City - feature photo - Manhattan skyline from the Top of the Rock

    A Week in New York | USA

    Time for the Big Apple! There was no way my cross-country USA trip wouldn’t include New York City. I’ve never been before, but it’s so iconic and been used for so many films and TV shows, I felt like I…

  • A Weekend in Boston, USA - blog feature photo - Boston waterfront skyline from Fan Pier Park

    Weekend in Boston | USA

    Ok, technically a long weekend in Boston then. After the Canadian leg of my trip finished, travelling west to east, I flew from Toronto to Boston to begin my American leg heading westwards again. My parents flew home, so I…

  • A Week in Ontario - feature photo - Niagara Falls

    A Week in Ontario | Canada

    How much can you fit into a week in Ontario? A surprising amount actually! To be fair, technically me and my parents were there for 10 days, but when you remove the time I spent working, it may as well…

  • A Weekend in Quebec City - feature photo - Chateau Frontenac

    Weekend in Quebec City | Canada

    Quebec is both a city and a province, and I did have to get my mum to clarify a dozen times in conversations which one she was referring to when saying just “Quebec”. From Montreal, we continued the French-Canadian leg…

  • Highlights of Montreal - blog post feature pgoto

    Highlights of Montreal | Canada

    After our adventures through the Canadian Rockies, culminating in the Calgary Stampede, it was time to head east. We hopped on a flight from Calgary to Montreal, the largest city in the French-speaking province of Quebec. We definitely noticed that…

  • The Calgary Stampede featured header photo - Yahoo sign

    The Calgary Stampede | Canada

    Who knew that Alberta was the Texas of Canada? Well, most Canadians probably. Alberta is cattle country, full of cowboys and Western culture. And there’s no bigger, more important event in the year than the Calgary Stampede. The 10-day “Greatest…