• Vancouver Parks in Autumn featured photo

    Vancouver’s Parks in Autumn

    Vancouver is known for its rain, especially in autumn and winter. Fortunately, I was very lucky when I arrived here and the city greeted me with a week of glorious sunshine and crisp autumn weather. Combined with the trees decked…

  • Arriving in Canada on a Working Holiday featured photo
    Life,  Travel

    Arriving in Canada on a Working Holiday

    So, I’ve moved to Canada, and I’m a little over a week in so far. Strangely, it feels like much longer than that somehow, even though I still feel incredibly new to the city. My first impression of Vancouver is…

  • Life,  Travel

    I’m Moving to Canada

    Who remembers about seven years ago when I published this post about moving to Hong Kong after I finished university (that’s your cue to go and read it if you don’t remember)? Well, here we are again, except this time,…

  • Bowmore Distillery - Isle of Islay long weekend trip feature photo

    Islay Long Weekend Trip | Scotland

    After visiting the Isle of Arran earlier in the year, I was eager to continue exploring more of Scotland’s islands. Islay was the next destination, chosen after a conversation with my dad about its whisky after he and Mum visited…

  • Featured image for a 3 Day Itinerary in Plymouth, Devon

    3 Day Itinerary for Plymouth, Devon

    The journey from Edinburgh to Devon is not a short one, with two train journeys and a mad changing of train stations via the London underground. So when I travelled down there for a UK-based holiday during Covid, I wasn’t…

  • 3 Day Itinerary for Exeter, Devon featured photo

    3 Day Itinerary for Exeter, Devon

    During the era of Covid, international travel has become a lot more complicated. So, I decided to skip the stress and go with a UK staycation instead. My destination of choice was Devon, a region I’ve never been to before…

  • Culzean Castle - Ayrshire day trip featured photo

    Ayrshire Day Trip | Scotland

    When my friend and I planned our trip to the Isle of Arran, the original plan was to stay on the island itself. But when all the accommodation was booked or crazy expensive, we ended up staying in Saltcoats and…

  • Isle of Arran Day Trip featured photo

    Isle of Arran Day Trip | Scotland

    The Isle of Arran sits just off the west coast of Scotland, tucked into the Firth of Clyde. A friend and I took a weekend trip to the island, and nearby Ayrshire recently. This is, therefore, the first of two…

  • Writer's block word vomit featured photo
    Musings & Thoughts

    Writer’s Block Word Vomit

    I’ll be quite honest gang: I don’t know what this post is going to be. I’ve just sat down to start writing, and we’ll see where it goes. I’ve been struggling to write lately, so I thought the best option…