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    2018 | Year in Review

         Well it’s the last day of 2018, so time to look back on the year! I quite like doing these annual reviews, just to pause and take stock of what’s been going on in my life, and see…

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    Merry Christmas

         Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays if you celebrate something else! The festive season has come and gone so quickly – although some of you lucky people might still be off work until after the New Year now? Not…

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    Instagram Tag

         I haven’t done a tag post in so long! I’ve been pretty busy this week in the run up to Christmas though, so this was a nice, quick option for a post. Instagram is probably my most used…

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    A Fork in the Road

    You will never know exactly where each path will take you, you just have to pick one, and keep moving forward.

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    My Ancestry DNA Results

         Ok, so these DNA tests to see where your ancestors are from have been circulating the internet for a few years now, so I’m a touch late to the party. I’d thought about doing one for a while,…

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    Live Boldly

         Don’t live your life afraid. Don’t go into things half heartedly, with one foot always out the door. Don’t second guess your choices. Don’t dwell on regrets and ‘what ifs’. Don’t play it safe. (source)

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    Holyrood Palace Garden Party

         Well, it’s not every day you get to say you had tea with the Queen, is it? Alright, I didn’t actually have tea with the Queen, I didn’t meet her at all actually, but I did get to…