Live Boldly

     Don’t live your life afraid. Don’t go into things half heartedly, with one foot always out the door. Don’t second guess your choices. Don’t dwell on regrets and ‘what ifs’. Don’t play it safe.

Dare to live quote

     Too many of us live our lives in a constant state of trepidation, always being cautious and tentative, and taking the safe option all the time. We live in a bubble of familiarity, doing what we know, what feels comfortable to us. We shy away from anything too risky, afraid of what could happen if it goes wrong. We work our 9-5 jobs, buy our affordable houses in nice areas, get married, have our 2.5 kids, save for our pensions, and retire.

     But what if there’s something more out there? What if that choice that seemed wild or crazy or risky at the time, turns out to be the best choice you ever make? Our lives are a constant maze of choices, spiralling away down other paths into parallel universes with each decision we make. So why take the simple path, the one that is straight and predictable? Why not take a turn, venture in a new direction, where the end might not be clear yet?

     It might not always work out. Risks are risky for a reason. Maybe it will go wrong. Maybe you’ll have to take a step back before you can go forward again. But you’ll never know if you never try. Don’t worry about regretting a choice that doesn’t work out – take it as a learning experience to keep pushing on. Being brave doesn’t mean being fearless – it means doing the thing that scares you.

     Don’t live tentatively. Take a risk. Do something different. Be brave and wild and reckless. Question and explore and discover and adventure. Live with passion. Live with enthusiasm. Live with courage. Laugh louder, love stronger, dream bigger. Live boldly.

Inspired by the prompt ‘Tentative‘, from The Daily Post