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Stop Chasing Perfection | Musically Inspired

     What is perfection? It’s something that so many strive for. Perfect job, perfect home, perfect looks, perfect relationship. Somehow we think that having all these things will make us happy. That our lives will be complete.

Perfection quote "It will never be perfect. Make it work. -Life"

     But is perfection the same for everyone? What would appear to be the perfect life for one person, may not be for another. And that’s half our problems, we’re too busy worrying what other people will think of us. Of our choices, our relationships, our lives.We set ourselves up with these ‘perfect’ lives, only to realise far too late, that they don’t actually make us happy. They just appease the expectations of everyone else.

     Is it possible then, that we are expecting too much of each other? That we set the bar so high, with this ‘perfect’ end goal, that no one can ever reach it? No job will bring enough success. No new makeover will us beautiful enough. And no potential spouse is good enough. We make it all so unattainable, because the truth is, perfect is impossible.

     Now that doesn’t mean that you should settle. Not at all. You should continue to strive for the best you can – just make sure it’s what’s best for you. Not because it’s what others expect of you. And readjust your goals. Figure out which things you absolutely need to make you happy, and which things would be extra bonuses, but aren’t absolute essentials. Especially when it comes to your relationships with other people.

     Be patient and accepting of others. Accept that no one out there is going to perfect – but maybe you’ll find someone who’s perfect for you. Humans are essentially flawed beings, full of imperfections. We all have traits that others won’t like, or even little habits that drive someone else up the wall. We’re all a little bit broken and a little bit messed up. And we all make mistakes, we all have our regrets. No one is going to get it right 100% of the time. Including you. But we carry on anyways. We get on with life, and we learn from our mistakes, and avoid repeating them, and together we can grow.

     But also, recognise when the mistakes get too many. When someone is on their millionth second chance. And maybe realise then that they aren’t perfect for you. Find the balance. Perfection is impossible, but don’t settle for anyone or anything less than you deserve. Because when you get it right, when you find all the pieces that are perfect for you, whether it’s the job, the home, the person, whatever it is you need… Well, then you might just wind up happy. It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it. Because happiness is special and important and holy.

Song: Holy – Deaf Havana

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