• A Week in Nashville - feature photo - Broadway / Honky Tonk Highway

    A Week in Nashville | USA

    The next few stops of my USA trip were all about exploring the legacy of American music in cities that birthed or nurtured new genres. Although I don’t listen to that much country music (but I don’t mind it), there’s…

  • Weekend in Savannah feature photo - Forsyth Park fountain

    Weekend in Savannah, GA | USA

    In all my research of where I wanted to go on my USA trip, Charleston and Savannah seemed to go hand-in-hand. I struggled to choose just one to visit, but since they are only two hours apart by train, I…

  • Highlights of Charleston, SC - feature photo - colourful buildings, food trucks and palm trees in the sun on King Street

    Highlights of Charleston, SC | USA

    The next couple of weeks of my USA trip would be spent exploring the American South, including taking on its brutal summer humidity. There are a lot of iconic cities in this part of the country, with some deep history…

  • The Ballantyne Hotel, Charlotte - blog feature photo

    The Ballantyne Hotel, Charlotte | USA

    When I was younger, I played that game where you Google your own name and see what comes up. In my case, the answer was The Ballantyne Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina. Yes, a whole hotel that shares my name!…

  • 3 Day Trip to Philadelphia - feature photo - Independence Hall

    3 Day Trip to Philadelphia | USA

    Look, I’m going to be honest. The bulk of my knowledge about the American Revolution comes from Hamilton. Although, I definitely learned a bit more in Boston since a lot of the revolution took place there! But Philadelphia is famous…

  • A Week in New York City - feature photo - Manhattan skyline from the Top of the Rock

    A Week in New York | USA

    Time for the Big Apple! There was no way my cross-country USA trip wouldn’t include New York City. I’ve never been before, but it’s so iconic and been used for so many films and TV shows, I felt like I…

  • A Weekend in Boston, USA - blog feature photo - Boston waterfront skyline from Fan Pier Park

    Weekend in Boston | USA

    Ok, technically a long weekend in Boston then. After the Canadian leg of my trip finished, travelling west to east, I flew from Toronto to Boston to begin my American leg heading westwards again. My parents flew home, so I…

  • A Week in Ontario - feature photo - Niagara Falls

    A Week in Ontario | Canada

    How much can you fit into a week in Ontario? A surprising amount actually! To be fair, technically me and my parents were there for 10 days, but when you remove the time I spent working, it may as well…

  • A Weekend in Quebec City - feature photo - Chateau Frontenac

    Weekend in Quebec City | Canada

    Quebec is both a city and a province, and I did have to get my mum to clarify a dozen times in conversations which one she was referring to when saying just “Quebec”. From Montreal, we continued the French-Canadian leg…

  • Highlights of Montreal - blog post feature pgoto

    Highlights of Montreal | Canada

    After our adventures through the Canadian Rockies, culminating in the Calgary Stampede, it was time to head east. We hopped on a flight from Calgary to Montreal, the largest city in the French-speaking province of Quebec. We definitely noticed that…