White | Colour

It’s pure and fresh and serene. It’s bright and light and clear. It’s blank and empty and space.

White snowy forest

     It’s a lace gown, with a veil draped down the back, gliding gracefully up the aisle. It’s the feathery wings of an angelic being of light, watching the earth down below. It’s soft, puffy clouds, lazily drifting through the sky. It’s a simple handkerchief, dropped in the street by accident, or carefully pressed into the hand of another. It’s the clean plumage of the dove, as it soars through the sky. It’s the blanket swaddling the newborn baby in its mother’s arms for the first time. It’s a tall, simple candle, burning bright as its wax drips down the sides.

     It’s the foam of the waves as they break against the sandy shore. It’s the dusting of icing sugar atop freshly baked confectionary. It’s whipped cream, piled high on top of pies or cakes, so sweet and light. It’s the bowl of sugar and the jug of cream to accompany your freshly brewed coffee. It’s the twinkling of fairy lights, shining through the darkness. It’s the bright and beautiful face of the moon, lighting the night sky. It’s a field of cotton, their puffball heads floating loose in the wind.

     It’s an empty page, waiting to be filled up with words. It’s a blank canvas, a sheet of endless possibilities, until the paint is splashed across it. It’s the thick, goopy glue that small children press their little hands into. It’s the dusty chalk marks, crawled across the school blackboard. It’s soft, sweet, squishy marshmallows, crammed into children’s mouths in eagerness. It’s a clean, pressed shirt, crisp and bright on its hanger. It’s a freshly painted, empty room, waiting to be filled with belongings and memories.

     It’s a perfect winter wonderland, a scene of snowy mountains and bare trees. It’s the gentle snowflake pattern, each one so unique. It’s the snowballs flung at friends, and the jolly snowman watching them at play. It’s the mighty polar bear, trekking over icy tundras, trying to survive the harsh weather. It’s the vast, mysterious icebergs, drifting through dark, ominous waters. It’s the lone sail of a distant boat sailing across the horizon. It’s the first flowers of spring, their delicate bells swaying in the breeze.

     It’s calmness, serenity, and light. It’s purity, peace, and air.

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