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    Stonehaven Day Trip | Scotland

         The other day I wrote the first post about my trip to Dundee a couple of weeks ago, involving a stop in St Andrews on the first day. I was visiting my cousin, who will tell you firsthand…

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    St Andrews Day Trip | Scotland

         Firstly, I’m very annoyed at myself for the blogging absence over the last week or so. I’ve just started a new job (yes, again!), still as a tour guide, but working a lot more, so I’ve just been…

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    Royal Highland Show | Scotland

         It’s been a few years since I’ve been to the Highland Show – mainly because I’ve been travelling, or living outside the country! – but I finally went again last week. For anyone unfamiliar with what the Highland…

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    A-Z of Scotland

         I’ve previously written an A-Z post about Edinburgh, as well as a few other places I’ve lived, but I thought I’d widen my reach and write one about my home country of Scotland as a whole. Edinburgh has…

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    A Weekend in Aberdeen | Scotland

         I meant to write this post so much sooner than now, but Ive been super busy over the last week or so, and blogging has slipped a little bit. More on what’s keeping me busy will be coming…

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    What’s Next For Scotland?

         On Thursday 18th September 2014 the people of Scotland were asked to voice our opinions on whether or not our nation should become an independent country. Regardless of the outcome, this day will be marked in history. A…

  • The Calgary Stampede featured header photo - Yahoo sign

    The Calgary Stampede | Canada

    Who knew that Alberta was the Texas of Canada? Well, most Canadians probably. Alberta is cattle country, full of cowboys and Western culture. And there’s no bigger, more important event in the year than the Calgary Stampede. The 10-day “Greatest…

  • A week in San Francisco, California - feature cover photo

    A Week in San Francisco | California

    The final stop on my travels through California was a week-long stay in San Francisco. I also tacked on a weekend in Napa Valley too, which I nearly made into a separate post. But since it was only one day…

  • A week in Monterey, California - feature photo

    A Week in Monterey | California

    After a weekend in the dry desert of Joshua Tree, my water-sign-laden astrology chart was craving the ocean again. So, I was bound for the Central Coast, the stretch of land by the Pacific between LA and San Francisco. I…