• A week in San Francisco, California - feature cover photo

    A Week in San Francisco | California

    The final stop on my travels through California was a week-long stay in San Francisco. I also tacked on a weekend in Napa Valley too, which I nearly made into a separate post. But since it was only one day…

  • A week in Monterey, California - feature photo

    A Week in Monterey | California

    After a weekend in the dry desert of Joshua Tree, my water-sign-laden astrology chart was craving the ocean again. So, I was bound for the Central Coast, the stretch of land by the Pacific between LA and San Francisco. I…

  • Weekend Trip to Victoria, BC, feature photo

    Weekend Trip to Victoria | Canada

    So, about three weeks ago now, I started my new job here in Canada. And within the first couple days, I discovered that I had a day off during week two, as Remembrance Day is a public holiday here. And…

  • Featured image for a 3 Day Itinerary in Plymouth, Devon

    3 Day Itinerary for Plymouth, Devon

    The journey from Edinburgh to Devon is not a short one, with two train journeys and a mad changing of train stations via the London underground. So when I travelled down there for a UK-based holiday during Covid, I wasn’t…

  • Quarantine diaries part 3 cover photo

    Quarantine Diaries | Part 3 | Hello 2021

    Happy New Year gang! Yeah I know, it’s February already. And this isn’t my first post of 2021, but seeing as the last one was a long-overdue post about something I did last year, I don’t fully count it. This…

  • Travel

    Valèncian Region | Spain

    After spending the first half of my week in València exploring the city itself, we’d exhausted the sights there. So, for my last three days, over the weekend, we embarked on a few short day trips to other towns and…

  • Travel

    València | Spain

    So after my trip to Gran Canaria last month, I followed it up with a week spent visiting some other friends in València in mainland Spain. I had a full 7 days there (not counting travel days), so I got…

  • Travel

    Gran Canaria | Spain

          First things first, if you haven’t seen the first part of my time in Gran Canaria, in Las Palmas, and the explanation behind my trip, then you can check it out here. I was on the island…

  • Quarantine diaries part 2 featured photo

    Quarantine Diaries | Part 2 | Feeling Drained

    Hello again. Been a while, hasn’t it? Normally when I take an extended break from blogging, it’s because life has gotten busy. This couldn’t be further from the truth right now. I’m now up to 20 weeks of being furloughed…