Musings & Thoughts

Orange | Colour

     It’s vibrant and fun and cheery. It’s energetic and joyous and carefree. It’s warm and bright and encouraging.

Orange and red coloured autumn/ fall leaves

     It’s the sweet, juiciness of ripe, tropical fruits. It’s a long, root vegetable, only visible once hauled out of the ground. It’s a tall glass of freshly squeezed juice, bursting with vitamins. It’s the bright plumage of a bird of paradise, strutting through the rainforest. It’s a little fish dancing its way through the waters of the coral reef. It’s the warm fur of a tabby cat, curled up fast asleep. It’s a delicate butterfly, fluttering from flower to flower in disguise.

     It’s a flash of vibrant hair, standing out in the crowd. It’s the brightest flower of the bunch, not caring about softer pastel shades. It’s a bold umbrella on an otherwise grey, rainy day. It’s crisp leaves falling from the trees and crunching underfoot. It’s a pumpkin patch, grown ripe in the autumn weather. It’s a hairy cow, roaming the hills of the Scottish Highlands. It’s the sleek fur of a fox, dashing through the woods.

     It’s a warning light, telling you to wait, to be cautious. It’s traffic cones in the street telling you to keep clear. It’s a high visibility vest and hard hat, offering awareness and protection. It’s a bouncing basketball, flying towards the net. It’s a can of fizzy juice, loaded with sugar and artificial additives. It’s plastic children’s toys and colourful cartoon characters, keeping them entertained. It’s their sticky mouths stained with tomato spaghetti sauce.

      It’s the burning sun as it sets into the horizon, painting the evening skies. It’s a rocky desert landscape of canyons and peaks, showing the spectacle of the natural world. It’s the guiding light of a lantern, to show the way home. It’s the warm amber glow of a glass of rich whisky It’s the cover of a classic book, well-thumbed from many readings. It’s the gentle, flickering flames of a dying fire. It’s fireflies drifting through the dark night sky.

     It’s confidence, enthusiasm, and happiness. It’s warmth, safety, and courage.

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