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Yellow | Colour

     It’s bright, cheery, and happy. It’s vibrant and energising. It’s sickly and nauseating.

Yellow flower blossom in tree top, with sky and sun behind

     It’s the bright sunlight beating down on a hot day. It’s fluffy, baby chicks waddling on tiny legs on the spring. It’s vats of rich, smooth, freshly-churned butter. It’s the tiny rows upon rows of corn on their peeled cobs. It’s jugs of icy, homemade lemonade on a warm, summer day. It’s the lurid colourings of a child armed with a box of crayons. It’s fields of daffodils and tulips swaying in the breeze. It’s the autumn leaves, slowly beginning to change and fade with the seasons.

     It’s the bright sparks of a fire, whose embers float up in the night sky. It’s the deep, rich yolk, hidden away inside its pale, protective shell. It’s chests of hidden treasure, glinting and gleaming in the light.  It’s an array of cheeses, of all different shapes, sizes, and flavours. It’s the streets paused by the orders of the traffic light. It’s rubber gloves submerged in a basin of warm, soapy water. It’s fluorescent safety jackets and caution tape. It’s the bodily functions we’d rather not talk or think about.

     It’s a fruity, summery cocktail, and the lemon slice on the glass, and the warm sand underfoot. It’s the joyful plumage of songbirds and tropical birds, whose joyful tunes and shrieking calls pierce the air. It’s a bunch of cheery balloons at a birthday party, and the light, fluffy insides of the sponge cake. It’s a mass of blonde hair, shining as it catches the light, and blowing softly in the wind. It’s the taxis and school buses, known and made iconic through our TV screens. It’s mustard slathered over a piping hot dog, squashed tightly into its bun.

     It’s the spring pollen, warm and clustered safely in the centres of flowers, before bursting free into the air. It’s the glowing reflection of a buttercup held beneath a child’s chin. It’s the vibrant skins of bananas suspended from the treetops. It’s a warm bowl of smooth custard, drizzled over a steaming fruit pie. It’s the deep shade of pots of sweet, sticky honey, and the bright pelts of the bees who make it. It’s a bright, sunny umbrella in the midst of the storm.

     It’s spring, birth and awakening. It’s light, freshness, and joy.

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