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Just Keep Going

     Life is amazing. Life can be this crazy, beautiful, exciting, wonderful adventure. There are those days when something truly remarkable happens, that makes you so overwhelmingly full of joy and wonder. There are other days that are perfectly average days, but everything goes right, and it’s easy and it’s happy. Life has so many things for us to do, to see, to experience. Life is diverse and unpredictable and glorious.

"Keep Going" motivational text on ocean sunset background with boat, in Halong Bay

     Life is also hard. Life will knock you down and kick you in the teeth. Some days, everything just goes wrong. Some days area awful, days when you discover your lowest of lows. When you feel alone, or confused, or scared, or utterly lost. It’s easy to forget about the good days, and get stuck dwelling on all the negative that is happening to you. Those times, you just want to crawl into bed and never come out again.

     But you do. You get up, you get dressed, you go out. You carry on. Hard as it may be, you stay strong, and you survive. You adapt. Like all animals, humans have the capacity to evolve and change, depending on their situation. It’s part of our wiring, this capability we have to learn and to adapt, in order to survive. Whatever it is that you are struggling with, you figure out what it is you need to do to deal with it. We are all stronger than we know. However hard it may seem, you keep going. You push on, working your way through or around or past the struggles, whatever way works. There is always tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. And eventually, one day, it gets easier.

     Nothing lasts forever, good or bad. The bad days will suck, the bad days might be hell, But they won’t last forever. I know all of this is far easier said than done, and on the bad days you might not be able to see the end. But it’s there, somewhere. Look for the small victories. Maybe you worked out today. Maybe work was just a little bit easier. Maybe you didn’t get lost. Maybe that cute boy smiled at you. Maybe you made it out of bed, maybe out of the house. Know that it won’t get magically better overnight, or at any other time. It takes time and some effort for things to improve. Accept the things you can’t change, and figure out what you can control and change, to make things better. Be patient, keep taking note of the small victories, remind yourself of the things you’re lucky to have and be able to do, and one day, you’ll look at life, and realise that maybe it isn’t all that bad.

     Notice the little things that make life amazing. Even the things you pass on the street, or read online. Sure, maybe it’s not happening to you. But it’s happening, and someday it will happen to you. In the mean time, remember whatever good you do have. Because life can kick you when you’re down, but it can also show you the most wonderful things. There is kindness and generosity and love out there; there is beauty and music and incredible experiences; there is magic. There is magic in the tiniest, most everyday occurrences, and you just have to start noticing it, and then you start to see all the other wonders life has out there.

     The bad sucks. The bad makes you want to give up. But you just have to keep going, keep pushing on. Keep adapting and learning. Keep looking to tomorrow. And one day, tomorrow will come. And it will be so, so worth it. Because life is amazing.