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Musically Inspired – Legacy

     How do you want to be remembered? What mark do you want to leave on the world?

I was here

     I don’t think any of us want to go through life being entirely invisible. We’d all like to remembered somehow when we’re gone. But how and by who is different for us all. Some seek fame and grand achievements that the whole world knows about. For others, being liked by family and friends is enough. We all have different personalities too, so one person may wish for their intelligence to remembered, another for their strength, another for their kindness.
     And what price are we willing to pay to be remembered? Would you rather be known superficially by many people, or on a much deeper level by only a few? What if one thing about you overshadows everything else, eclipsing other traits and achievements? What if you find fame, but for doing something terrible? Is it worth it, for you?

     Like it or not, we all leave some sort of legacy. As we pass through this world, our lives intersect with many others, leaving traces and footprints. Even the briefest of encounters can have a profound, lasting impact. It’s worth remembering the effects our actions and words can have on others, and know when to speak out or exercise caution. We all change the world through everything we do, every single day. Be it big or small, we all make a mark on the world.

     Some stories may be forgotten or get distorted over time. But that doesn’t alter the fact that they happened. In that moment, you were there and it happened. That’s a little piece of your history that will forever be a part of the world’s history, no matter whether a thousand people know about it, or just you.

     Wanting to be remembered could sound self-centred, but it’s a natural desire for everyone. We need other people in our lives, and to feel like we matter to someone. And we all do. Some people my change the world, other simply lead a quiet life – but we all matter and we all leave some form of legacy behind.

Song: Centuries – Fall Out Boy
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