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Autumn/Winter Haul

     New season mean new clothes, right? That’s what I’m telling myself after buying far too much in one shopping trip. This was a celebratory I’ve-done-my-essay trip that got a little out of hand, but has set me up well for the coming months.
     First up I went to TopShop. It’s not a shop I buy from often, but every now and then something strikes my fancy. This dress is a very thick woollen material, which will be very cosy through the colder months, as my summer dresses just aren’t cutting it any more. The pattern has little white threads running through it and the style of the skirt is one I seem to choose very frequently.
TopShop dress
     Next I went to H&M, where I normally manage to pick up a few bits and pieces. I got another warmer, thicker winter dress. Again, the skirt is typical of me, but I also really like the scooped neckline. I think the dark purple colour is gorgeous for the winter months too, a time when I normally veer towards darker colours in general.

H&M purple dress

     This jumper is a very lightweight material, which is good for this transitory period when not every day is freezing cold just yet. I like the 3/4 length sleeves and how loose and easy it is to wear with just about anything. The grey colour is also great for pairing it with so many outfits and makes a change from the black that I so easily revert to.

H&M grey jumper
     While I’m not a massive fan of exercise I do try to do a little now and then (mostly in the form of yoga) so I wanted something better to do it in than the old top I was using. This is both comfortable and practical and is made of a nice stretchy and breathable material. It’s not the most exciting to look at, but it’s subtle and does the job.

H&M sports top
     My next stop along the way was Primark. I have mixed feelings about this shop, as it’s great to be able to get stuff so cheap, but I often feel this compromises the quality in here. However, I love this checked shirt I managed to find. I’ve been after a good one for a while, and this is so warm and cosy. Green is also a colour I’ve been trying to get more of, so this is ideal. I think I’ll generally wear it hanging open over something else and with the sleeves rolled up like this.

Primark green checked shirt

      I’ve been desperate for a few new pairs of jeans, which especially come in handy during these colder months. I got this first pair in Next, not a shop I frequent much, but I discovered that I really like the jeans in there. I tend to go for skinnies, as they’re the easiest to wear with all my much-loved boots. This pair are simple and practical, and I know will get plenty of use.

Next jeans
     My final stop was in New Look, one of my old favourites. I also like the jeans in here, so I picked up another pair. Again, comfortable and practical skinnies were the order of the day. However, I like the acid-wash effect on these, as it makes them  just a little bit different to most of my other pairs, but will still be easy to pair with most outfits.

New Look acid jeans
     I also got this top in New Look. It’s nothing too fancy, but I’m a big fan of lace and the detailing on the sleeves just make this top a little nicer and a bit more unusual. I quite like the 3/4 length of the sleeves as well and I think this is such a lovely colour, for the winter, but also in general.

New Look purple top
     Finally, I grabbed this necklace, which was the only one of it’s design on the stand. The long chain with a pendant is a style I tend to wear a lot, and silver is my preferred colour when it comes to jewellery. I also love feather patterns, so I just couldn’t resist this piece!

Feather necklace
     And that’s it for this shopping trip. I won’t be doing another for a quite a while, hopefully, as I think I’m pretty well set for the time being. I hope this was of some interest to people too! Anyone else been autumn/winter shopping lately?