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642 Things – Spring Skies

“The way the sky looks today”
View of blue spring time sky with white clouds out the window, over Edinburgh

     Today the sky is a whirling, swirling, ever-changing creature. It is a sea of tranquil, cerulean blue, as bold and bright as you could imagine. It is almost blinding in its brilliance. Small puffs drift lazily by, in all shapes and sizes, from candy floss balls to delicate, barely-there wisps. It is clear and calm, as the sun beats down from its apex, lighting up the world below.
     Yet not ten minutes later, that same sun is nowhere to be found. Lost behind an impenetrable veil, a mass of pale greys slowly inching its way along. The sky becomes unknowable and untameable, a seemingly endless creature has swallowed up the brightness and the brilliance, masking that calm blue in a whirling torrent of ominous grey.
     And then it passes on by, and the sun returns, and the only clouds are white puff balls, and the sky becomes a dazzling expanse of blue once more. The sky is in stasis, never stationary, always shifting and changing, unveiling something new with every minute that passes. The sky is unpredictable and uncontrollable, a force of nature from far above. The sky today is just a moment in time, and will never look exactly the same way again.
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