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    Chichen Itza & Playa del Carmen | Mexico

         Playa del Carmen is an interesting one to write about. I nearly wasn’t going to bother at all, since I wrote about it last time I was there, and there’s honestly not that much to see and do.…

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    Merida | Mexico

    Arriving in Merida late the night before after the long drive from Palenque, and only venturing out the hotel for food, didn’t exactly let us see much of the town right away! But that theme did sort of continue throughout…

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    Palenque | Mexico

    To put it bluntly, Palenque is a pain in the arse to get to. It’s a long drive from whichever other location you’re coming from. This post cover two days out of our trip, and at least half of each…

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    San Cristobal de las Casas | Mexico

    When most people think of Mexico, they probably think of either dusty, rocky desert landscapes peppered with cacti, or tropical ocean coastlines. What you probably don’t think of is having to wear extra layers of clothing, under the drizzle and…

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    Oaxaca | Mexico

    I feel like I need to preface this post by stating that Oaxaca was definitely Cintia’s favourite place on the whole trip, as she proceeded to tell me every single day after it! I liked it a lot as well,…

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    Puebla | Mexico

    The next couple nights of our Mexico trip were to be spent in the town of Puebla. Well, it’s technically a city since it has a cathedral and is way bigger than you think, but it’s small after Mexico City!…

  • Mexico City feature photo - Zocalo main square

    Mexico City | Mexico

    So it’s been a bit quiet over here on the blog lately. In part, this was due to my work commitments, which I explained here a while back. But then I also went on holiday for three weeks, and took…

  • Hawaii short break - feature photo - palm tree silhouettes against a twilight ocean view just after sunset on Waikiki beach

    Hawaii Short Break

    I feel like I’ve seen images of Hawaii for as long as I can remember, thanks to the number of movies that feature it. Honestly, it wasn’t super high on my bucket list, as I associated it with over-tourism and…

  • 4 Days in Yosemite National Park - feature photo - view of Yosemite Valley at sunset from Tunnel View

    4 Days in Yosemite National Park | USA

    Towering mountains of stone, tumbling waterfalls dancing with rainbows, endless crystal lakes and giant, ancient sequoia trees. Yosemite might just be a little slice of paradise! One of the earliest National Parks in the USA, thanks in part to Scotsman…