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     Some people have big dreams and goals and ambitions. They want to change the world, and leave their mark stamped on it. And they’ll do whatever it takes to get there. But not everyone is like that. Some people prioritise other things. Some people just want to be good and kind. And that’s more than enough.

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     Is it worth it, to be rich or famous or whatever, if you go about it in the wrong way? If you make sacrifices or compromises to your morals, for what you think is some long term achievement? Of course, the meaning of ‘success’ to one person might be quite different to someone else. Or should you maintain your morality and your values, even if it holds you back from such successes?

     Because maybe that’s enough. Maybe we don’t all need to change the world. Maybe we don’t all have some greater purpose or reason for being. Maybe small actions can still make a difference. Maybe there’s just as much value in being a good, kind, decent human being. Maybe in a world so fuelled by greed and ambition and a commercial economy, maybe being good is harder than it seems. And so maybe it’s even more important and worthwhile that we try to be good, try to help others, and try to treat them kindly.

     When was the last time you did something selfless? Or gave someone the benefit of the doubt? Or just showed a little patience and kindness to another person? We’re all guilty of being selfish at times, of forgetting to think about others, or of pushing someone else’s problems aside because we’re too caught up in our own. It’s hard to be caring and generous and forgiving all the time, and we all have bad days when we want to forget the rest of the world. But the rest of the time, we should try. Try to show a little compassion to others, because maybe they’re having a bad day too.

     It’s ok to be a little selfish about taking care of yourself sometimes – don’t self-sacrifice all the time. Being good to people also means being good to yourself, you are a person! And be sure to surround yourself with people who are kind as well, people who you can take care of and who will take care of you in return. Avoid the toxic relationships, people who leech off of goodness and take advantage of it. Or, the ones where you lose yourself and do things you wouldn’t normally do, and end up questioning your behaviours and morals.

     What goes around comes around. If you send out good vibes into the world, and show a little kindness to others, then you will receive that back again. Goodness and kindness are their own rewards – but we also get back what we give out. So even if a decision based on good morals seems like it might require you to sacrifice something financially, or in any other way, there’s a strong chance that something else positive will come your way in the future. Success might bring you short term happiness – but is it worth it if you become a toxic person?

     So remember to be kind. Remember that you don’t have to the best or the richest or the most famous or have the biggest impact. It’s enough to just be somebody good.

Song: ‘Be Somebody Good’ – Circa Waves

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