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Musically Inspired – Finding Our Balance

     Darkness and light. Power and weakness. Pleasure and pain. Peace and chaos. Good and evil. All of them exist in all of us. No one is entirely one thing or another. We are not angels of purity, nor are we devils of sin. We are humans, creatures stitched together with flaws and strengths, with intent good and bad.

Yin Yang symbol of balance painting made from clouds and waves
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     We lead lives somewhere in the in between, in the grey area, striving for some sort of balance. A balance that may not be the same for anyone of us, but is simply the state we choose to live in. Even the best of us have moments of selfishness; even the worst have moments of tenderness. The strongest can falter, and the weakest can find a heroism they perhaps never knew they possessed. Some of may try to hide our flaws, our darkness, our wilder sides; others embrace it, scorning the light as much as possible. But both exist, nevertheless.

     None of us have just one side, just one personality. We are complex, multi-faceted creatures. We react and behave differently according to situations or who we are around. There are moments when our gentleness and kindness will shine through; others when we can allow ourselves to be a little naughty. Moments of serenity, of solitude, of calm; moments of noise, of chaos, of wildness. We talk of being our “true selves”, of letting others in to witness that – but what does that really mean? Just because some parts of our selves are only revealed to certain people, doesn’t make the other parts that everyone sees any less a part of our “true selves”. All of these components make up ourselves, and all are true and real in some way. Perhaps we do feel as if we are lying or pretending in front of some people, perhaps we are not being “real” all the time; but the choice to act that way is still some part of our personalities.

     Being one dimensional is boring. Being good all the time is tedious, being bad is exhausting. We should strive to be good people for the most part, to be strong, be responsible, and to do the right thing. But we should also enjoy our opportunities to be a bit naughty, to be selfish, and reckless, and wild. Some people may lean more one way than the other, finding their own place, their own manner of leading their life, one which works for them. But a life lived all in one fashion is a life of repetition, lacking variety and diversity. Living in just one way could cause you to miss out on some unique experiences and opportunities, ones which you have to embrace the other sides of your personality in order to make the most out of them.

     We are all good, evil, light, dark, strong, weak, reserved, and wild. We are all a little piece of everything, and we don’t have to deny that, or try to be what we are not. We are not perfect, but neither are we entirely corrupt. We are nothing more, or less, than human.

Song: Duality – Set It Off

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