• Featured image for a 3 Day Itinerary in Plymouth, Devon

    3 Day Itinerary for Plymouth, Devon

    The journey from Edinburgh to Devon is not a short one, with two train journeys and a mad changing of train stations via the London underground. So when I travelled down there for a UK-based holiday during Covid, I wasn’t…

  • 3 Day Itinerary for Exeter, Devon featured photo

    3 Day Itinerary for Exeter, Devon

    During the era of Covid, international travel has become a lot more complicated. So, I decided to skip the stress and go with a UK staycation instead. My destination of choice was Devon, a region I’ve never been to before…

  • Tonquin Beach, Tofino - Day Trips on Vancouver Island feature photo

    Day Trips on Vancouver Island | Canada

    After several weeks exploring California and a brief stop back in Vancouver, I decided to spend the month of May on Vancouver Island. I’d spent a weekend in Victoria back in November and had realised I definitely wanted to come…

  • A week in Monterey, California - feature photo

    A Week in Monterey | California

    After a weekend in the dry desert of Joshua Tree, my water-sign-laden astrology chart was craving the ocean again. So, I was bound for the Central Coast, the stretch of land by the Pacific between LA and San Francisco. I…

  • Feature photo for Christmas events in Vancouver

    Christmas Events in Vancouver

    This year I had Christmas away from home for the very first time in my life. Having only moved to Canada in October, it was just too soon to be spending money on (expensive) flights home. Christmas is one of…