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To Spring

     Spring is a time of renewal. A time of rebirth, of reincarnation. It is the season of change and fresh starts. A season when life springs back into the world, and joy and energy burst forth in ourselves. We spring clean for a reason; to start over, to refresh ourselves, and prepare for new beginnings.

Spring flowers in bloom

     Spring got stuck this year. When we should have had fields of flowers, we were lost in drifts in snow. When the world should have been painted in bright blues and greens, it was washed out in greys and whites. When new life was trying to be created, it was buried in the cold, shivering and hiding from the biting wind. It felt as though life was on pause, as we all fought just to survive, to struggle on against the brutality the world was throwing at is.

     And we continue to fight, but spring does so along with us. The flowers are trying to bloom, the sun is straining to warm the earth. We are trying to push forwards, trying to find our energy once more. Spring is reinvigorating, providing us with renewed strength. All those habits that slipped through the winter, all those resolutions that got brushed aside too soon, all those goals and journeys that were put on pause; now is the time to resume, and to try again.

     Spring doesn’t guarantee anything. It doesn’t promise success or joy or triumph. But it gives us the strength to strive for them. A new born lamb puts on a smile on our faces; the sun beating down gives us the desire to something; the bright colours of the world light up our hearts. And so, we step forward, and we try again. We dust off the winter snow, shake out the cobwebs from the dark corners, and feel ourselves come back to life. We are reborn, and renewed, and we begin again.