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      Life has suddenly gotten really busy this week and next – more on that soon! I’m also off to Aberdeen (Scotland this time, not Hong Kong), for the weekend so I’m scheduling a few posts for while I’m away. These had to be brief, and I hate posting for quantity rather than quality, but I’ve been slipping in my schedule lately, and I didn’t want another week where I only posted like once. So, I’ve done a quick tag for now. These questions didn’t have any particular title, but they’re sort of introductory questions about oneself. Read on!

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Charlotte. Duh, did we not know that from the sidebar already?

I’ve never really had a proper nickname, most people just use my name. However, my best friend uses ‘Buckets’ from time to time (taken from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory), my dad has been known to call me by my middle name sometimes, which is Jane, and I have a few friends that shorten it to ‘Char’ sometimes.

Zodiac Sign
Pisces, and not all, but quite a lot of the Pisces personality traits are pretty accurate for me!

5’9, or 175cm for you metric folks – yes, I’m on the tall end of the spectrum, for a girl anyway.

Straight. Not much else to say there I guess, pretty self-explanatory.

White as milk guys. I’ve never done one of those DNA things to know for sure, but I must be near enough 100% European, with the bulk of that being Scottish – certainly my parents & grandparents are all Scottish. Might be some Irish or something chucked in too.

Favourite fruit
Strawberries most of the time, but it depends on my mood. Sometimes I really fancy grapes or peaches, and I ate so much pineapple and dragonfruit when I was travelling round Asia.

Favourite season
Oh I’m never sure for this one! I’m very fond of autumn when it’s a cool, crisp, sunny sort of day – I’m less of a fan when it’s a freezing wind and pouring with rain. Similarly though, winter is fab when it snows, spring is lovely when it’s dry, and summer is great when it’s warm but not too hot. Temperate weather is good for me, I get grumpy when I’m too hot or cold.

Favourite flower
I don’t think I have a number one favourite but there’s a few varieties I like (even though I often have to google some of their names again) – gerberas and hydrangeas are lovely, and I’m quite fond of lilies and bluebells too. There’s probably more I’ve forgotten about too!

Favourite scent
Ok, I have a pretty poor sense of smell actually, so I can’t say scent is something I pay huge amounts of attention to. Things that did pop into my head for this though were chocolate or coffee scents, or the smell when mum is making jam over our Aga. In terms of perfume sort of scents, I usually go for something kind of deep and floral (if that makes sense).

Favourite colour
Purple. It’s been purple for like a million years.

Favourite animal
When I was younger, it was always a dolphin. Now though, I’d say a dog, or maybe even a wolf actually – I was also a big fan of the pandas, penguins and Arctic foxes when I used to go to Ocean Park in Hong Kong though!

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate
I drink all three depending on my mood – tea as an afternoon/evening pick-me-up, hot chocolate at night before bed. But coffee is definitely the one I drink the most, and the one I couldn’t manage without. I’m not a morning person anyway, but without coffee I may as well be the walking dead.

Average sleep hours
Depends what I’m doing in life at the time – I tend to sleep in at weekends, or go to bed earlier when I’m in an early morning work routine – but I’d say the average is somewhere around 8 when I can. Funny this should be mentioned, as I worked a couple of event waiting shifts the other day, which allowed me just 4 hours of sleep in between them!

Cat or dog person
Dogs, all the way. I do appreciate the need for personal space, and taking quiet time for yourself, as I would class myself as an introvert, which are all probably more cat-like traits. But overall, I much prefer dogs, they’re way more fun.

Favourite fictional character
Just one? I’ve read so many books and watched so much TV, that it’s impossible to choose just one! Read my favourite female bad-ass characters post for starters, a lot of them are my favourites. Favourite fictional crushes though are a whole other ball game, haha!

Number of blankets you sleep with
There are 2 on my bed at home, but I typically push the smaller blanket to the side and just sleep under one duvet. In my various flats over the last few years, it’s been one duvet as well.

Dream trip
I am the wrong person to ask that question to, based on how bad my wanderlust gets! My dream trip would probably be all around the world though, visiting every country I still want to visit – this travel wish list post from a while back still holds true. The America, Africa, and Oceania are all definitely still places I want to explore!