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Pink | Colour

     It’s soft and delicate and airy. It’s bright and vivid and vibrant. It’s happy and brilliant and fun.

Pink milkshake and cupcakes

     It’s clouds of fluffy candy floss. It’s a pair of perfectly pouting lips. It’s fancy dressing up and bows in children’s hair. It’s a shopping bag of shiny new purchases, of cosmetics and jewellery. It’s marshmallows oozing and melting over a bonfire. It’s a huge bubble of gum popping in your face.

     It’s candy hearts and greetings cards in February. It’s trees bursting with blossom in spring. It’s a garden of bright petals blowing in the summer breeze. It’s a fruity cocktail on a tropical beach. It’s a gentle, yet gorgeous, sunset over the still ocean. It’s a fizzy lemonade, sparkling with bubbles.

     It’s brilliantly dyed hair amongst a crowd of blondes and brunettes. It’s a frothy strawberry milkshake, dripping down the sides of the glass. It’s princess dresses and tiaras on children, with rosy cheeks to match. It’s a tray of carefully crafted macarons. It’s the icing on the cupcakes and doughnuts, sugary confections with sprinkles on top.

     It’s a troop of elephants on parade. It’s a chubby, round-nosed pig rolling in the mud. It’s a flamingo poised perfectly in the water. It’s a ballgown twirling below a chandelier. It’s fluffy bunnies and painted Easter eggs. It’s a flock of ballerinas dancing gracefully, in perfect synchronisation.

     It’s sugar-coated clouds and fairy wings, it’s a killer pair of heels with nails painted to match. It’s romance and love, light and sweet, bold and sexy.

This was inspired by the prompt “Pink” on The Daily Post.
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