Musings & Thoughts

Blue | Colour

     It’s calming and refreshing and clear. It’s cool and icy and frosty. It’s deep and endless and mysterious.

Blue sky with clouds above ocean sea with mountains on horizon

     It’s the brilliant sky on a clear summer’s day. It’s the dark, bottomless depths of the deepest oceans. It’s the sparkling, babbling river winding through the hills. It’s the crystal clear, calm waters of an untouched lagoon. It’s ghostly, misty mountains looming far-off on the horizon. It’s the quiet mystery of the night skies. It’s splashed across every picture-perfect holiday postcard. It’s a big breath of air, whooshing in and out of your lungs.

     It’s a bright jewel tone, embedded into an old ring. It’s the familiarity of your old, well-worn denim jeans. It’s the dazzling plumage of a peacock strutting by. It’s a pair of light, clear, smiling eyes shining at you. It’s strains of easy, jazzy music filling the room. It’s aquatic mammals dancing and drifting their way through the waters. It’s the blooms of hyacinths and cornflowers and forget-me-nots.

     It’s the unnatural colour of a child’s tongue after eating artificial sweets. It’s a tall glass of a flavoured, frozen cocktail. It’s a jolly children’s character, born of the imagination. It’s the all too familiar logos of social media websites, branded into our memories. It’s a head of hair shining bright amongst a crowd of natural colours. It’s a dress of starlight, fit for a princess, created in a twirl of magic. It’s neon, electric patterns etched into darkness.

     It’s the icy cold of winter, as the heat leaves your bones. It’s chattering teeth and stiff, numb fingers. It’s the feel of the wind whistling through the trees. It’s glaciers drifting beneath the surface of the coldest oceans of the world. It’s mottled skin, discoloured and bruised by an impact. It’s sadness and melancholy, despair and drowning in tears. It’s a flame hotter than any other.

     It’s peace, calm, and tranquility. It’s day, night, and the world.

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