Travel Inspiration – Switzerland

     Switzerland was one of my favourite stops on my European trip, and the couple of nights we had there wasn’t long enough to do the country justice, even if it is small. Some places on that trip, I felt I saw enough of, while others I definitely want to go back to (Rome and Venice were other favourites, and Paris is always wonderful). We stopped off for a few hours in the town of Lucerne, which is postcard-pretty, with more of that glorious European architecture I love so much, though I do remember feeling that there wasn’t that much to see beyond a couple of sights. Then again, I didn’t research anywhere before arriving! And then, while staying in the quiet village of Lauterbrunnen, we spent a day up a mountain, Jungfrau, which gives a taster of those stunning Alpine landscapes. As I’m not a winter sports person, this was a good way for me, to see the views and play in the snow, without having to go to a ski resort – I might need to investigate other such places! I’d love a snowy mountain cabin sort of trip, just without the skiing! Anyway, here’s some of my better photos from my time there.
Chapel Bridge in Lucerne, Switzerland

The Lion Monument, Lucerne, Switzerland

Buildings by the Reuss river in Lucerne, Switzerland

Close up of flowers on the Chapel Bridge, Lucerne, Switzerland

The River Reuss passing through Lucerne, Switzerland
Mountain and lake view in the Swiss Alps

Waterfall coming down the mountain, near Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Mountain view in the Alps, from the train going from Lauterbrunnen to Jungfrau, Switzerland

Snowy mountain scenery at Jungfrau, Switzerland

Snowy Alpine mountain view at Jungfrau, Switzerland

Snowy mountains in Jungfrau, Switzerland

View of the Alps from Jungfrau, Switzerland

Snowy scenery at the top of Jungfrau, Switzerland

Snowy scene at the top of Jungfrau, Switzerland