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Musings From A Park In Spring

     The sun beams down from overhead, illuminating the world and touching all with its warmth. The sky is a brilliant shade of blue, signalling the start of the summer months, and only a few wispy clouds drift lazily through it’s never ending expanse. The fresh green grass is coated white sprinkles, as thousands of daisies burst into bloom and stretch towards the sky. The natural scents of the flowers and grass mingle with the mouth-watering aromas exuding from the food stalls. A gentle breeze softly stirs the trees. A fountain gurgles and laughs to itself, whilst glimmering in the sunlight. Bees hop from plant to plant, busy with their work as the world around them relaxes, and somewhere in the distance a cockerel crows. The air is filled with the sounds of the techno music of the dodgems and the idle chatter of the city’s population taking a day in the sun.

     Above these sounds however, are the voices of the children, laughing, crying and shouting. They are the embodiment of spring; young, alive, bright and bursting with energy. They are pure and innocent, traits which should be appreciated and cherished while they last. Everything is fleeting and temporary, and just as the seasons will change and the leaves will fall from the trees, the children will grow up and lose their naïveté and innocence. The world is still a place of magic and wonder for them though, and today, in this moment, it feels like a perfect day.