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Review – The Pretty Reckless: Going to Hell

     Going To Hell, the second album from The Pretty Reckless,
is largely what you’d expect from them. A record infused with rebellion, seduction
and attitude. It’s an album full of big sounds, with the powerful vocals are
accompanied by lots of soaring, heavy riffs. It has the feel of an album
influenced by classic rock and metal music. Lyrically, things can get a little
dark, and possible controversial to some people (particularly the religious
references, such as ‘Going to Hell’), but much of it can also be read as
empowering and confident. There’s a sense of reckless abandon and embracing
sin, and being entirely unapologetic about doing so. This is perhaps best
summed up in the track ‘Fucked Up World’, which feels very reminiscent of the
classic motto of “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll”. Other tracks are everything
from raunchy to creepy to corrupt, keeping things complementary but still somewhat
varied. At times, things can feel overly theatrical, especially with the
additional sounds (moans in ‘Follow Me Down’, gunfire in ‘Why’d You Bring A
Shotgun to the Party?’) which feel a bit gimmicky and unnecessary. However, this
theatricality is counterbalanced by the rawness and vulnerability of other
tracks, such as ‘Burn’ and ‘Waiting for a Friend’ which are entirely stripped
back, both musically and emotionally, and provides a bit more depth and honesty
to the record. Overall, while it may not feel any more mature than their first record,
this album is a dark chaotic ride, with a confidence and energy that should
appeal to many.