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Paris Haul

    So, while I was in Paris over the weekend, I decided to do a bit of shopping. I’ve never done a haul post before, as it’s rare that I buy this much in one go, but I haven’t been shopping for a long time now, and this might be my only chance to do it in Paris this year. It also seemed like a good time to replenish my spring/summer wardrobe. The irony of this though, is that although I was shopping in Paris, most of what I bought is from international brand names!
     First, I picked this dress up in H&M. I wanted to get a few more summer dresses, as they’re so easy to throw on, and this is very comfy and flowing. I’m quite a big fan of stripes and I think with this being black and white, I could layer up and wear it into the colder months as well.

     Next, I went to Forever 21. I call this a “hit or miss” shop for myself, as I always either buy loads or nothing at all when I go in. This weekend was definitely the former! I’ve noticed a lot of patterns in fashion at the moment, which are not usually my sort of thing, and I especially don’t like florals. However, I do like the Aztec prints that are around, and as I don’t have much in it, I thought this dress was nice.

     Another dress, also Forever 21, this time very plain and simple, but I think it will be very easy to just throw on all the time. It’s also a thicker fabric, so I could wear it into autumn as well. All three dresses have a similar cut, with high cinched waistlines and loose, flowing skirts, which is a style I really like and think is most flattering on myself.
     I picked up this top, also Forever 21, as it’s very light and breezy and perfect for warm weather. I like tops with a bit of interest to them, like the sleeves of this one (not quite sure how to explain them), to make a change from plain t-shirts and vest tops.

    My last purchase in Forever 21 was this skirt. I have several dark coloured skirts, which I wear year around, so this one is a little different to all of them. Stripes again, I don’t have much red in my wardrobe, despite it being a colour I really like. This is also a very comfortable stretchy fabric, and I’m a big fan of this flared-skater style.

     I’ve been looking for a good handbag lately, as all of mine are either too small for daily use, or flimsy sack-like ones that are wearing out. I also wanted something colourful, rather than black or brown, and this one certainly fits that description! I picked it up in C&A, which I think is a French brand, as I’ve never seen it at home. It’s quite orangey in reality, not a colour I ever go for, but it looks so bright and summery, and is the perfect size, so I thought I’d just go for it!

     A few years ago, the first time I visited Paris, I found this cute little shop out in Montmartre where I got a couple of pairs of patterned tights. They’re really cool, and in 2 years haven’t torn at all, but I’ve never been back to look for the shop since, as I’m never out in Montmartre. However, we wound up there this weekend, and luckily stumbled across it again – it’s called Ladybird – so I couldn’t resist picking up another pair. The packet says they’re by Pamela Mann, so they might be available elsewhere. This is another sort of Aztec print, and I love the colours in these.
     Finally, I was at a You Me At Six concert in Paris that weekend, and I couldn’t resist getting some merchandise. I already have a couple of t-shirts, so I thought I’d get something different, and I immediately loved this beanie. I’m not sure how much I’ll wear it over the coming months, which will hopefully be warm, but it’s very cosy and I love the colour, so it’ll get plenty use come winter.

     I also got this wristband, as my existing YMAS one is a festival-cloth style, and while I like it, I often worry about it falling off and it can be awkward to wear with other wristbands. All of my others are rubber, so this one will fit in with them easily, and is also specific to the new album, as is the beanie.

     And that’s it! As I said, I’ve never done a haul before, but hopefully some people will find this interesting. I’m now pretty skint though, so there won’t be any more for a while. Anyone else been spring/summer shopping lately?