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Things Will Go Wrong | Musically Inspired

     Shit will hit the fan. At least once, likely several times during your life, things will get fucked up. Nothing is ever going to go perfectly all the time. Life doesn’t work that way, we can’t control all the external forces that affect us. And no matter how hard you rail against that fact, it’s unavoidable. Shit will hit the fan, so just accept it.

Today I will not stress over things I can't control quote

     Some people like to have a plan at all times. To know what they’re doing and when. To have goals that they are constantly working towards, and they make life decisions based on how it will factor in to that plan. They want everything to be perfect. And that’s fine, if that’s how you wish to live your life, then go for it.

     Just remember, that you can’t control everything. You have to leave a little room to be flexible, to adapt to new situations or find solutions to problems that arise. The world and life are big, complicated, messy things, and there are so many factors that are beyond your control. They will come along, look at your carefully constructed plan, and then chuck the whole thing out the window.

    And then you can get angry and upset about it. Or maybe you dig your heels in and refuse to accept change, stubbornly sticking to your plan even if it blatantly won’t work anymore. But that’s just going to leave you more confused and lost and angry. You have to accept. You have to keep moving forwards, whatever happens. You can’t stay stuck in your same ways and same routines forever, and you can’t ignore the wider world when it fucks with your plan. Life is going to get messy and fall apart sometimes. We can’t escape that, so we have to accept it and find ways to deal with. Be brave and bold with your choices. Reassess, reset, reformulate your plan, and figure things out as you go along.

     Thos experiences will actually benefit you in the long run. It might seem unfair and complicated and frustrating at the time. But every time shit goes wrong, you learn from it. You become wiser and stronger and more capable of dealing with these things. Maybe you’ll even discover that there was a better path than the one you had planned out, or another choice you prefer that you hadn’t considered before. We have to explore our options to know which one is right for us; not get locked in tunnel vision.

     No one wants shit to hit the fan. It’s a pain in the arse when all your plans get tipped upside down. But how we deal with these situations forms who we are as people. They help us to learn about who we are, why we do the things we do, and what is the best option for us and our lives. The world will fuck you up. But ultimately, that can help you to get to a better place, eventually. So don’t be stubborn, stick your head in the sand, follow the same old patterns, and ignore it. Accept, embrace, and be open to explore.

Song: ‘Mantra’ – Bring Me The Horizon

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