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      Life is full of so many choices. Your path is like a labyrinth, with each twist and turn and decision leading you down another path, away from one thing and towards another. There are so many possibilities, so many options, each one leading to different results. But when you make one choice, what happens to all the other options and outcomes?

Quotation text "better an oops than a what if"

     If you have your whole life mapped out, your route planned down to the last detail, then you’re limiting yourself. You’re removing all the other options from the table. Obviously, we can’t pick every option, and nor can we stand there dithering and not picking any of them. But if we aren’t open to other possibilities, ones that differ from the path we expected to take, then we could be missing out on something extraordinary.

     There are so may incredible paths and routes that your life could take, so be open to them. Don’t dismiss something because it doesn’t suit your plan, or because it’s not what’s expected of you, or because it just seems plain crazy. Explore every choice, and stay open to new adventures and ideas. Do something stupid and wild every once in a while. Stray from the path, and take the road less travelled.

     It won’t always work out. Not every choice will be a good one, but we are human and we make mistakes. But life is a journey and a constant learning experience, so use those mistakes to make better choices in the future. We learn more from out experiences and our mistakes, than if we simply do as we’re told and never take any risks.

      There’s a whole of people and places, of adventures, of experiences, of choices to discover. Limiting yourself means you’ll only ever know what you know, and will never uncover anything new. The best thing you will ever do could be down one of those other paths, and you might never do it if you always follow the ‘correct’ path.

     Yes, making once choice will always remove some others. But don’t have a precise plan that you refuse to deviate from. Consider all the choices, and don’t be afraid to take a risk every so often, and do something you wouldn’t normally do, or didn’t plan to do. It might just be the best choice you ever make.

Song: “World At Our Feet” – Joe Brooks

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