Musings & Thoughts

Green | Colour

It’s fresh and bright and new. It’s wild and natural and energetic. It’s wealthy and greedy and jealous.

Green leaves hanging from tree branches, blurred sunlight background

     It’s a wide open field of freshly mown grass. It’s leaves sprouting from the ends of tree branches. It’s a plate piled high with leafy salad. It’s a bowl of mashed up avocados, a delicious dish of guacamole. It’s a basket of crisp, crunchy apples, newly picked from the tree. It’s sprigs of mint and basil and thyme and all the other delicious herbs. It’s the dense foliage of the rainforest, stretching as far as the eye can see.

     It’s a bright light telling you to go safely. It’s a cross indicating help and health. It’s the blend of camouflage colours of army uniforms. It’s a pair of wellington boots, strong and sturdy, before their colour is hidden by mud. It’s empty glass bottles, stacked in a corner before smashing against each other as they’re thrown in a recycling bin. It’s a wad of cash tucked in a wallet, different shades forming the patterns and pictures. It’s a copper statue, weathered with exposure over the years.

     It’s the creepy, neon glow of radioactive substances. It’s the unnatural skin tone of alien creatures in science fiction movies. It’s a monstrous creature, built with greed and jealousy in its heart. It’s bursts of energy, creating by evil, magical powers. It’s the dress of a fairy as she flits through the night sky. It’s a tiny gecko, darting across the wall with lightning fast speed. It’s the Irish and their shamrocks, with their St Patrick’s Day celebrations in full swing.

     It’s the mottled skin of frog, lurking on the banks of a pond. It’s the scaly hide of a crocodile, drifting just under the surface. It’s a grasshopper hiding in the bushes, playing its sad song. It’s slimy seaweed, drifting and tangling with itself in the water. It’s deep, twinkling emeralds, dug from deep in the earth. It’s a pair of bright, curious eyes, sparkling with mischief. It’s new life, bursting into being and growing under the sunlight, as spring arrives.

     It’s growth, freshness, and safety. It’s harmony, wilderness, and nature.

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