Lyrics to Live Your Life To – Part 3

     I’m currently away on another adventure (just a short one this time though!), so I wrote a few posts ahead of time to tide things over until I’m back. I realised the last Lyrics post I did was over three years ago, and I’ve listened to plenty more new music since then, so here’s a new list of lyrics I like (maybe not always the best to live your life to, but I’m not changing the title now), mostly from stuff that’s been released in the last few years.
Lyrics, You Me At Six, Take On The World

Just say you’re hurt, we’ll face the worst
I remember when we swapped names and I thought maybe you’d stay and try and out-drink me
Who are you to pass judgement?
We play with fire cos we like the way it burns
We are not invincible, but we are stronger than we know
Another endless night, full of all possibilies
And if your past calls, don’t you pick it up, it’s got nothing new to say
It’s a risk worth taking, to have a life worth living
You can throw me to the wolves, tomorrow I will come back, leader of the whole pack
There’s nothing wrong with being a dreamer
You were screaming to Nirvana, like the Kurt Cobain you are
I need a cure for me, cos a square doesn’t fit the circle
I will light up the sky as we burn it down
Finding the gold in our darkest moments
You’ve made me feel again, but some of me won’t be saved
I can’t go back to living in silence
It’s going to take more than this for me to break
The calm, the storm, we’ll face it all
We’re alive and that’s enough
I sold my soul to insanity
Now the world’s in my hands, according to plan
I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired
Nobody knows that you’ve got a heavy soul
So I was young for only a heartbeat
I have been lonely, I’ve been holding out for days
Don’t give a fuck about tomorrow
You can switch your life but you’d still be the same
One day they’ll say, the throne was made for me
We won’t die young, but we’ll live fast

I believe that we’ve got to be good for something

I think your best days have come and gone
My heart can’t shake the feeling they lied to us
I am left standing on the edge, wondering why we fall so hard
We lay apart but see the same stars in the sky
I’ve been trying out this thing they call happiness for a while
Dirty secrets, empty memories, and broken hearts across the floor

Least we know that youth wasn’t wasted on us

My head is like a carousel
Maybe I could take control of my own life
Living in your darkness, it’s like fighting while you’re drunk
If there’s a god, baby she won’t mind
Now there’s a ghost in the back of this room
I’m gonna bring me back to life
What are you to do, then battle, battle on through?
Let me live in the eye of the storm
We were singing our lungs out in the backseat together
Sleep when we’re dead, live like we’re invincible
I’ve been wasting all this time trying to keep you off my mind
Will you find me in the darkness and will you hold on to me tight?
We said forever but forever wouldn’t wait for us
We’re young, we’re dumb, and we don’t care
You’re playing with a heart that’s fireproof
Are you waiting on someone who can make you feel a little more like you?
Our blood runs deeper, our blood runs soaked in our mistakes
And we’ll sing like we mean it, cos I mean it this time