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642 Things – The Red Cape

“What a character wearing something red is thinking”

Little girl wearing superhero red cape and eye mask

     I’m a superhero! Yesterday my mummy bought me a brand new cape and it’s my most favourite thing ever. She ties it around my neck for me and I can run round and round and round and it flies out behind me. I can’t really fly which makes me sad, but I can pretend with the cape. I’m going to save all the people and stop all the bad guys. It’s so cool. It’s so much fun. I don’t ever want to take it off! I’m only little now but when I grow up, I want to be a superhero and help people.
     Maybe I could have other powers too. I want to fly, but maybe I could also be super fast or super strong. I want to do that thing where you move stuff around just by thinking. It’s got a fancy name but it’s a big word. And reading minds too, that would be fun. Or that thing where you can disappear and re-appear in another place, it has a fancy name too. There’s so many cool powers and cool superheroes, I can’t pick just one power I want.
     Superman has a cape like mine because he can fly. So does Supergirl, and I like her better. Batman has cool stuff but his voice is kind of scary. I like Spider-man too and Captain America and Iron Man. And Black Widow, she can do so many cool things and she doesn’t even have special powers. I wish there was a movie just for her. I just saw Wonder Woman too and she is awesome. Oh, my cape is like Thor’s too, but he needs the hammer to fly I think. I’ve seen lots of superhero movies. Mummy got me some comics too, but she has to read the words to me. I like the pictures though. I don’t know who is my favourite, maybe Supergirl because her cape is like mine, or I just got a new comic about Captain Marvel that’s really good.
     Maybe Mummy will get me some more superhero things, like a Supergirl top or a mask or something, then I could really be like a superhero. I love my cape though, I’m so happy about it. I’m going to run really really fast and pretend I can fly. If you are flying then you can see better when there’s bad guys about and when someone needs help and you can get to them really fast before bad things happen, so that’s important. Sometimes superheroes have to do scary things and they get hurt, so they have to be brave and go help the people anyway, even if they’re scared. I get scared too sometimes, but I try to be brave. I don’t know why bad people do bad things, but we need people to stop them from hurting people because that’s not nice. I don’t like when people get hurt. It’s hard to help them when you’re still little like me, but maybe if I practice with my cape now then I can grow up big and strong and then I can help them. Superheroes are the best.
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