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Feeling Stuck

     Lately, I’ve been struggling a little when it comes to this blog, which is so frustrating when it’s something I’ve enjoyed a lot for the past few years. In part, I’m pretty tired being back in a Hong Kong kindergarten, which takes a lot of my time and energy every day. However, I’m also struggling creatively, in terms of inspiration. I want to stick to my posting schedule, of three times a week, but it’s proving harder to maintain lately, as I don’t know what to write sometimes!

Writer's Block - blank paper with pencil and crumpled up paper scattered around

    My Monday outfit posts have been a staple for a long time, but since my apartment has no space to take the photos, this now involves setting time aside specifically at the weekend to go out somewhere and take them. I’ve done this a couple of times, but it’s becoming more difficult, especially if I’m really tired or have other plans. When I go out at the weekend though, and see new parts of Hong Kong, it provides new material, and other upcoming travel plans I have will make for some big, interesting (I hope) posts. It’s the in-between I’m struggling with, the days or weeks when I’ve had to skip other posts planned, or haven’t been out anywhere to write about. What do I write about at those times?

     I feel like I keep churning out tag or top five or travel inspiration posts, which are all fine, and which I will continue to do, but I don’t want to keep reverting to those out of laziness. I do want to get into the habit of writing posts in advance, so that if I’m tired or busy on publishing day, I can still post and not keep skipping days. Which is also part of the problem, these types of post I just mentioned are easy to write when I’m not feeling mentally switched-on. But then I worry that my lack of energy and inspiration is causing me to keep up my quantity of posts, at the risk of their quality. I want to write interesting, thought-out, reflective pieces more often, but it’s not something I often feel up to doing after a long day (or week) at work.

     So that’s the two prongs I guess – I need more energy and motivation to write the pieces I want to write, and I need some more inspiration, both for those sorts of pieces – I want to write them, but I’m still not sure where to start a lot of the time – and for lighter, easier pieces to post in-between, to mix things up a bit from the rut I’ve fallen into. I’ve written a couple posts like this one before, when I’ve been struggling with some writer’s block, and sometimes it’s helped. I’m going to try going back to some of my old inspiration sources again, like other blogs and websites, or making more observations about people and places when I’m out and about. Here’s hoping that they throw up something new for me! I don’t want people reading this to get bored, and I’m getting bored sometimes myself, so I need new ideas.

      I’d love to hear anyone else’s suggestions, for how to get more motivated again, or new post ideas!