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Currently Listening – May 15

     I’m sharing another playlist today, of songs that I’ve been enjoying a lot lately. Any regular readers may have noticed an influx of album and gig reviews over the past few weeks, so several of my choices this time have come from these new, or upcoming, releases, picking out my favourite tracks from the album. I have thrown in a couple of older ones though; I choose these mostly when I’ve got my music on shuffle and something comes up that I haven’t heard in a while, and I’m reminded of how much I like it. There’s nothing very out of the ordinary here, in terms of my usual music taste, but there might be one surprise in there; I re-watched Pitch Perfect the other day, since the sequel is due out soon, and remembered just how awesome the soundtrack is! Again, I put some thought into the order, but it’s not of huge importance.

     What do you think about my choices? What music have you been listening to lately?