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Travel Inspiration – Austria

     Today’s post is to inspire you to travel to Austria. It’s probably not the most famous country in Europe, but it’s certainly got plenty of things going for it, as you’ll hopefully see! I went for the first time during my university year abroad, to visit a friend of mine who was on her year abroad there. I stayed with her in Linz, and we also went on a day trip to Salzburg during my weekend there. The second time was during my Contiki trip through Europe, which stopped off in the capital, Vienna, and a little town in the Alps, Hopfgarten. Austria has a lot of historical sights, though I’m not much of a history buff, so I mostly took in the beautiful architecture and stunning views.
Palace building exterior in Vienna, Austria

Austria’s capital, Vienna, is full of stunning architecture, particularly around the vast palace. I felt like there was another building to photograph around every corner.

St Stephen's Cathderal, Vienna, Austria
Inside of St Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna, Austria
While I’m not a very religious person, I’m fascinated by the designs of cathedrals. Having spent so long in France, Austrian design made a welcome change.
Building exterior, Vienna, Austria

Building exterior with signs in Vienna, Austria
Next stop is Salzburg, which I think was the prettiest, and my favourite, Austrian city. You might recognise these gardens, as this is where parts of The Sound of Music was filmed.
Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg, Austria

Inside the dome of Salzburg Cathedral, Austria
Another cathedral, and I love the colours inside the dome on this one in Salzburg. The white stone was also very different to a lot of the darker cathedrals in Europe.
And what kind of pianist would I be if I didn’t include Mozart’s birthplace?
Exterior of Mozart House, Salzburg, Austria
View over the river in Salzburg, Austria

Statue wearing a scarf in Salzburg, Austria
I love quirky little details like these, that capture the character of a place, not just its famous sights. There were a whole bunch of statues wearing winter gear that day, and we never figured out why.
And it’s not Austria without a jolly mountain dwarf, right?
Mountain dwarf statue in Linz, Austria
Linz is Austria’s third biggest city. While not as famous as the other two, it was a lovely place to stay for a few days with my friend.
View over the river in Linz, Austria

Postlingberg church in Linz, Austria

The Postlingberg is a cute little church itself, and sits on a hilltop overlooking the rest of Linz.
The second picture is not its interior, but that of Linz Cathedral, in the Old Town.

Inside Linz Cathedral, Austria
Finally, get away from the cities by visiting the Austrian Alps. I’m not a winter sports person, and have only visited this region in the summer months, but the mountains views are breathtaking at any time of year. And the towns are full of cute chalet-style houses or gasthofs.
Scenery in the Austrian Alps

Mountain gasthof style houses in Hopfgarten, Austria