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Musically Inspired – Exaggerated Enjoyment

     Best Day EVER! We
do have a tendency to exaggerate don’t we? I think everybody is guilty of this
at one time or another. Superlatives and exclamations roll off our tongues so
easily and if we were to take them all literally then our lives would be infinitely
more exciting than they are in reality.

Best Day Ever
     Hyperbole is a
part of human expression. Our language has evolved to be full of metaphors and
idioms and clichés, which are not meant to be taken literally. They are means
of expressing sentiments that are too big and abstract and complicated to be
explained in literal terms. Humans have emotions that are so far beyond complicated
that we cannot even begin to rationalise and explain them much of the time, so
we have found alternative methods of expression. We go so far as to use art
forms like music and painting to express what we cannot put into words. And
therefore, when we do use language, it has to be different and metaphorical to
even attempt to describe what we are feeling.
     So we don’t have
to be accurate and literal all the time. Yes, we might be stretching the truth
when we make these declarations, but perhaps they are merely a reflection of
our emotional states. If any little thing brings us happiness, then we should
celebrate it. The world has some pretty gloomy aspects to it, so we should
relish the things that bring us pleasure. Not everything can be the best thing
ever of course, but in that particular moment it might seem to be, especially
if life has been getting you down up until that point.
     The little things
in life are just that – little. But if we add them all up they become
significant portions of our time and without them our days would seem pretty
mundane and pointless. We have the capacity as humans, to see beauty all around
us, in all sorts of different manifestations. Anything from a child’s laughter,
to a postcard from a friend, to the first sip of a cold beer can put a smile on
someone’s face. Optimism is such a valuable trait, given the present state of
the world we live in.

     So embrace
happiness and positivity, and relish the moments that make you happy. The
simple things are what make our daily lives more bearable. Realistically, not
every day can be the best one ever, but say it anyway!
Song: ‘Best Day of My Life’ – American Authors