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Instagramming in England

     So I’m not sure if I actually made this clear at any point, but this summer I’m working at an international kids’ summer camp, based near Edinburgh. However, this week I was asked to go to one of their other sites, in Oxfordshire for the week. This threw up a bit of hassle naturally, but the best part about it was getting to visit some new parts of the country. I think people rarely go to see the sights in their own country, and I’ve seen very little of the rest of the U.K. I also do the same trips over and over again at the Edinburgh camp, so a change was quite welcome!


     I didn’t take my camera out with me, as I did when travelling Europe, but I made sure to capture a few snapshots for Instagram – my user name is justmuddlingthroughlife by the way! I really like Instagram, as I use it to upload the best photos I take, rather than overloading people with absolutely all of them (as I’m prone to doing on Facebook), so you just get the highlights of my life. I also follow a lot of really great photographers and artists on it.

Hyde Park – London

      I didn’t get to properly experience the places I visited, as I was working every time, with between 40-70 kids in tow. However, I got to see the university campus at Cambridge, which was very pretty, although the university itself is far too middle class for me; Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford-Upon-Avon, which got the English student part of me very excited; and Christ Church in Oxford, which was again, very pretty, and has connections to Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland that I found really interesting. I’ve been to London before, but on this trip we went to the Science and Natural History museums, which were excellent, although I only got to see a tiny part of each in the time we had. It’s been nice to see some new places, but I’m ready to get back to my camp in Edinburgh now!