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European Escapade Day 15 – Venice to Vienna

     Oh coach days, how fun you are. They’re all starting to blend together at this point, especially when we sleep through most of them. Our drive today did take us through some stunning scenery though, as we climbed up into the Austrian Alps. We also got to watch Cool Runnings on the bus, since we’re going bobsledding in a few days.

     After arriving in Vienna we went out for a Viennese dinner, in a tiny restaurant outside in the city, hidden in a forest. The main dish we tried was schnitzel, rather tasty, but what made the evening memorable was our hosts. They sang songs and played games with us between courses, such as giving one guy  paper schnitzel instead of meat, getting everyone up to waltz and conducting a pretend wedding. On returning to the hostel we carried on drinking in the bar, where we also got to play with water pistols.