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Tell Me A Story

    How are you? What
have you been up to? Anything exciting going on? How was your week? These are
questions that we all get asked on a regular basis (although please leave me
answers in the comments, I’d love to hear them!). And why? Why are we all so
curious about other people’s lives?

     Humans are social
beings. While some of us do like to have alone time every now and then, we
thrive on interaction and attention from others. Knowing that someone else
takes a genuine interest in your life is a confidence booster and lets you know
that there are people who care about you and your wellbeing. And we take
interest in the lives of others because of all the ways in which they differ
from our own. The world is such a diverse place, and anything that we cannot
experience firsthand, we want to hear about from others. Be it an epic
adrenaline fuelled adventure from travelling abroad, or a silly tale about a
child’s mishap, we live vicariously through others, or are inspired to go out
and do these things ourselves.
     Because what
humans really need are stories. We
are a species of storytellers, finding inspiration around us and embellishing
on it to create tales that bring people joy or sadness, laughter, excitement or
tears. Theatre and literature have been around for hundreds of years, and have
expanded into all the various forms of media we have today, and these things
wouldn’t have survived for so long if we didn’t enjoy and appreciate them as we
do. Stories can reflect the world around us or allow us to escape it for a
time, making the impossible seem possible. They can present us with new ideas
and ways of thinking, or inspire to go out and do something daring. Stories can
be anything we want them to be, because they are just that – stories. Not fact or truth necessarily,
just tales that we wish to tell or hear.
     So whether you
write it down as an epic novel, or whisper a brief anecdote to a friend, tell
your stories.