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Outfit of the Day – Beach Life

    I’ve gone very summery with this outfit, as it’s only when the sun is shining that I’m decked out in such light colours. This outfit was put together while I was on my trip through the south of France, specifically on a particularly nice day when I ended up on the beach for a while. This skirt is very light and comfortable – although not ideal in the wind, trust me! – and I think the stripes give it a slightly nautical vibe, which was appropriate for being by the sea. Normally I wouldn’t wear jewellery to the beach, but as I wasn’t in a bikini or about to go swimming, I thought I’d add some small pieces. The shoes were chosen for practicality’s sake, as I’ve been doing a lot of walking whilst on my travels, but they go well with the skater-style of the skirt.

Top – LaRedoute, Skirt – Forever 21, Converse – Schuh, 
Necklace – TopShop, Earrings – Unknown, Ring – Etam,
Sunglasses – Unknown, Nail Polish – ‘Amande défilé’ by Bourjois Paris