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Outfit of the Day – Back to Class

    So, I’m back at university classes now and although there are days when I just chuck on a hoodie, other times I try to make a little more effort. It’s still pretty cold, so I’m going for outfits that are warm and comfortable, but still stylish. I have a natural tendency to pick darker colours too, and winter is the ideal time for that. (Warning – do not make my mistake and wear these boots for the first time when you have a long walk to class, break them in slowly first! – they look good, but my word it was a painful journey!)

Cardigan – LaRedoute, Top – Ellos by LaRedoute (worn with black cami underneath), Jeans – Next, 
Boots – New Look, Necklace – Market stall, Ring – Market stall, Nail Polish – “Navy Glint” by Seventeen