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642 Things – I Was Warned

     I picked up a new book recently, called 642 Things to Write About, which does what it says in the title. It contains hundreds of writing prompts, which I plan to use and post on here. So here’s the first…

“The one your mother warned you about”

     I was captivated. Completely and utterly overwhelmed and captivated by him. The lithe body I constantly yearned to run my hands over, the silky soft hair whose scent stayed with me, the deep voice that echoed in my dreams, and the eyes, eyes I could drown in forever. He was everything. Charming, intelligent, funny, kind, confident, perfect. Everything I thought I ever wanted or needed, consuming my thoughts for every second of every day.

     He told me he loved me. Told me I was the most important person in his life, that I was special and wonderful and amazing and that he needed me more than anything else. And I believed him. I drank in every word, as if it were oxygen and I were dying. I thought I would die without him.

     But I didn’t. He’s gone and I’m still here, my heart lying on the floor, splintered and ripped to shreds. Still breathing, even though the pain in my chest feels like it could strike me down at any second. Still waking up each morning thinking about him, only to be left crushed and shaking when I remember the truth.

     The truth is he’s a liar. A liar, a cheater, a heartless, cold betrayer. Every word he ever said was just that; words. Words that seemed so beautiful and heartfelt at the time, but are now twisted and cruel, lies that dripped so easily from his mouth. Words that were empty of any real emotion. He was too charming, too intelligent and too confident. A lethal combination. But one that I never saw coming.

     Everyone else did though. That’s the real kicker. Everyone else tried to tell me, tried to warn me that he was too good to be true. My mother was his greatest opponent, condemning him instantly as a charmer who would only break my heart. But of course I didn’t listen. I thought we had a great love, one that could withstand everyone’s doubts. I rebelled against my parents and defended him against every slanderous comment.

     How wrong was I? They were all right and I was wrong, and now here I am trying to piece together the broken remnants of my heart. Too blinded by the attention and affection he showed for me to see the truth. I was warned and I did listen and now everything has fallen apart.